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J. J. Gow is a biochemist & a children’s book writer ( ). She is particularly fond of dragons, mythical creatures, and medieval history. Her work was published in scientific journals, Yahoo, LitCentralOC, CBW-LA’s anthologies.

Kayla Wayman, Teen Time Traveler: Lost in the Stream (a novella) a cooperative work feature J.J. Gow’s story along with other Southern California Children’s
authors were published in November 2015.

She is excited to share that her work will appear in three more books coming out in 2017-2018: 1) MG novella (about a teenage gamer), 2) 2015 Story Sprouts Anthology: Setting, and 3) 2016 Story Sprouts Anthology:  Conflicts

Currently, she is working (both writing and revising) several picture books, a YA historical novel (started off as her assignments while taking the writing course at the University of Oxford), revising a fantasy YA fiction fills with dragons, mythical creatures, and adventures that she wrote for her teenage son.

J.J. Gow is an active member of O.C. Writers and hosts Monday Motivation on OC Writers’ Facebook page.  In addition, she is the Gold Member of 12X12 Challenge (12 Picture Books in 12 months), SCBWI member, Meets and Greet Coordinator of SCBWI New England, and belongs to two critique groups. She lived most of her life in Southern California but moved to Massachusetts with her family and the family dog, Joey recent years.  You may see her new adventures in New England on Instagram: @WriterJJGow.

She is on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WriterJJGow and https://www.facebook.com/YAandTeenLit) and Twitter: @WriterJJGow.

Books Featuring J. J. Gow’s Work:

Kayla Wayman

MG Novella – Teen Time Traveler:  Lost in the Stream (a cooperative work of CBW-LA writers – including J.J. Gow’s work)

story sprouts 2014 cropped (1)

CBW-LA Anthology – Voice 2014 by CBW-LA writers  (a cooperative work of CBW-LA writers – including J.J. Gow’s work and poems)

CBWLA 14Nov2015e

J.J. Gow signed the book poster at Kayla Wayman, Teen Time Traveler book launch party on November 14, 2015, Los Angeles, California.

CBWLA 2016

J.J. Gow with her 2016 Writing Day Marathon authors, in Torrance, California.